The Greedy Love A Cheerful Giver

When Mansa Musa (The wealthiest African King in history) passed through Cairo, Medina, and Mecca he had an entourage of 72,000 that carried gold bars and other riches throughout the cities. They handed out gold to the poor and traded it for souvenirs. The people who received the gold we delighted and used it to flourish their communities. Unfortunately because of the influx of gold, it lost it’s value over the next decade, and pricing on goods and wares became inflated. The increase within the communities became detrimental because the value of what was given exceeded what they could use it for. Mansa Musa came back and took back some of the gold from lenders at a high interest which stabilized the price of gold and the cities.

There is nothing wrong with being a cheerful giver. However the gift should be put into the hands of those who know how to use it and appreciate it. 

Birthing a Greedy Gut

When people have a ‘glow-up’ in their lives whether that is a new skill set, connections, or other forms of success they give back to their communities. Their community could be an actual community or family members, friends, or colleagues. This is the respectful thing to do for those whom have contributed to your ‘glow-up’ directly or not. A response to a financial favor, a networking hookup, or performing a service  is “sure”. Because, you have your gold in spades.  So let’s say you give that money, perform the service, and make the connection and the recipient squanders the money, abuses your service, and missing the meeting for the connection. What is your response. Mine would be to never trust them with the gift again. However, many continue to spread their generosity because they believe the person can be redeemed; thus birthing a cycle of taking gold that they can not manage. Habits are hard to break, and you can not save them all.

Be a teacher not a savior

I had expressed in another post about how to not be part of the group when it comes to ‘being the hero’ for everyone around you. When you choose to be the savior, everyone relies on you for everything. It was not until Mansa Musa came back that the economy stabilized after his gifts of gold. It was ten years before they could be stable again. Can you imagine you gift someone a fully loaded computer so that they can start to build their business and they fill it up with games and viruses that damage the computer beyond repair, because you did not leave some instructions on how to use it? I would be furious! …at myself.

Try not to be an infomercial for quick success 

“If you invest $500 into this product you will be a millionaire in six months!”

Yeah right…

Belief in someone’s capacity is not a pass for skill. If you know that someone within your community wants to build up their business or a project etc, then connect them with resources that show them how. No one can build their version of an empire on the foundation of ignorance and impatience. They need to be taught how to construct their dream so that when you hand them gold they will know how to use it. Eventually they will be able to hold conversations with you about expanding their own gold and laying their tracks of prosperity.

Glow Up and Grow Out 

Most people start from humble beginnings. It is within those roots that you form your relationships that become your community. As growth happens learn how to section out your gold as a reflection and inflation of what was given to you. Allow yourself to be guided to a purpose from which your influence will grow outward and plant seeds into those within your community and beyond. Do not harbor your gold, but give it with the intention to grow your respective communities into a better environment that will cultivate new ideas, ventures, and knowledge.