Am I Doing Enough?

With the view of the world at our fingertips a front seat view of everyone’s accomplishments can diminish the view of your self and ask am I doing enough? The trouble with scrolling through various timelines and seeing accomplishments is we see everyone’s mountaintop and none of the climb. Usually when this happens inconveniently when you are in a ‘stuck’ or transitional space where you are trying to make decisions your next move.  This rush to mirror what is seen on social media or chatted about among family or whispered between friends is causing a lot of depression, feelings of inadequacy, and when things don’t go your way…stuck.  The truth is you are doing enough for the season that you are in.

The Next Move 

Making plans is rational for anyone in business, but it is important to leave room for the surefire mistakes, course changes, and starting over. Imagine you have worked hard for your degree(s) and end up taking a job that is way below your skill set. Meanwhile someone who has worked half as hard is reaping your harvest. So while stewing in envy and feeling inadequate, you’ll start to scramble and wonder what is my next move to make me who I have been fighting to be?  In this mental space dissect what it is you really want. That job, goal, or dream may not be for you and that is why you are stuck in a job where you can cultivate the process to create something better for yourself. The main goal is to imagine a place of peace within the type of life you want and allow for opportunities to come to you to create that reality. This sounds arbitrary, but walk with me on this. We can not control the universe. The items that are within our control are: skill set, ambition, and creating peace within ourselves. By having those items in line we can do almost anything. Work with what you have in this season of your life, because the opportunity that you are trying to bring to yourself is not ready for you and you are not ready for it. Set your goals, make your plans, that is the sensible thing to do. However do not cheat your own fate by seeking to be good enough to impress other people.

A pause does not equal stuck

I heard a story from a colleague of mine where she was unemployed and had planned to return to graduate school. She wanted to return to school because she felt like with all of her experience she needed a masters degree to prove that she was enough. Everything was aligning for her to return to school, including her transferable job that she could hold while in school. She carefully prepared everything for her admission, picked out a few apartments, and began planning out the rest of her year. Then the admission email came in at 7:30 in the morning denying her acceptance. She was floored. Not only did she get denied, but her entire plan had foiled and she was stuck in a job she did not want.

After a few weeks of trying to recalibrate, she was redirected into growing her freelance jobs into a full time business. Something she would not have been able to do had she gone to school and acquired a useless degree that would not serve how she was growing in other places. Her pause made it seem like she was stuck, when in fact it was change in direction to a better form of her prosperity. No  one knows what will happen, even if we plan. When you are in a ‘pause’ moment, it is not because what your doing is not good enough, it is because you need to shift course so you won’t be stuck.

Life is a ride and for whatever wave you are on, you are more than good enough within your current season.