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Blink Blink Click: Bionic Eyes are coming soon

We have seen sci-fi movies with bionic eyes and all the damage they could do. However this is, pardon the pun, and eye-opening experience that will change how we see the world. Some see this as an opportunity for the blind to see and for people to be more informed about who they are interacting with. There are some pros and cons to this, but first let’s look at the fascinating field of neuroengineering.

Neuroengineering is a rising interdisciplinary field that creates devices that can interface with the brain. This is a fascinating feat being that people are creating machines that will directly affect how our brains function; in this case with our eye sight or providing real time information about a person. Now we can’t get to excited yet because it will still take some time to develop an entire real-time user interface, but it is most certainly on the way. I am thinking about how this will affect personal and federal security when it comes to interacting with people. There may be some information you do not want people to know. While a lot of information is available on the inter webs, even some personal, this type of invention sparks the question about real time security. Can we opt out of providing certain information? What happens if our information is hacked? Or what if the device breaks? Will it be covered by insurance? As far as Federal information, would security clearance be provided to certain individuals in a digital download? These are all concerning questions that come with developing this type of technology.

“Brain-computer interfaces” can be used both for treating neurological and mental disorders as well as for understanding brain function, and now engineers have developed ways to manipulate these neural circuits with electrical currents, light, ultrasound, and magnetic fields. Remarkably, we can make a finger, arm, or even a leg move just by activating the right neurons in the motor cortex. Similarly, we can activate neurons in the visual cortex to make people see flashes of light. The former allows us to treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy, whereas the latter should eventually allow us to restore vision to the blind.”

Dr. Michael Beyeler in PC MAG Restoring Vision With Bionic Eyes: No Longer Science Fiction.

On the other hand giving blind people the ability to see is a scientific miracle.  The version of the bionic that is available to patients suffering from blindness functions more as an add that provides sight. This is not a security threat. but quite literally an eye opener. See the video below about a woman who received a bionic eye and can see for the first time in 16 years.


The Greedy Love A Cheerful Giver

When Mansa Musa (The wealthiest African King in history) passed through Cairo, Medina, and Mecca he had an entourage of 72,000 that carried gold bars and other riches throughout the cities. They handed out gold to the poor and traded it for souvenirs. The people who received the gold we delighted and used it to flourish their communities. Unfortunately because of the influx of gold, it lost it’s value over the next decade, and pricing on goods and wares became inflated. The increase within the communities became detrimental because the value of what was given exceeded what they could use it for. Mansa Musa came back and took back some of the gold from lenders at a high interest which stabilized the price of gold and the cities.

There is nothing wrong with being a cheerful giver. However the gift should be put into the hands of those who know how to use it and appreciate it. 

Birthing a Greedy Gut

When people have a ‘glow-up’ in their lives whether that is a new skill set, connections, or other forms of success they give back to their communities. Their community could be an actual community or family members, friends, or colleagues. This is the respectful thing to do for those whom have contributed to your ‘glow-up’ directly or not. A response to a financial favor, a networking hookup, or performing a service  is “sure”. Because, you have your gold in spades.  So let’s say you give that money, perform the service, and make the connection and the recipient squanders the money, abuses your service, and missing the meeting for the connection. What is your response. Mine would be to never trust them with the gift again. However, many continue to spread their generosity because they believe the person can be redeemed; thus birthing a cycle of taking gold that they can not manage. Habits are hard to break, and you can not save them all.

Be a teacher not a savior

I had expressed in another post about how to not be part of the group when it comes to ‘being the hero’ for everyone around you. When you choose to be the savior, everyone relies on you for everything. It was not until Mansa Musa came back that the economy stabilized after his gifts of gold. It was ten years before they could be stable again. Can you imagine you gift someone a fully loaded computer so that they can start to build their business and they fill it up with games and viruses that damage the computer beyond repair, because you did not leave some instructions on how to use it? I would be furious! …at myself.

Try not to be an infomercial for quick success 

“If you invest $500 into this product you will be a millionaire in six months!”

Yeah right…

Belief in someone’s capacity is not a pass for skill. If you know that someone within your community wants to build up their business or a project etc, then connect them with resources that show them how. No one can build their version of an empire on the foundation of ignorance and impatience. They need to be taught how to construct their dream so that when you hand them gold they will know how to use it. Eventually they will be able to hold conversations with you about expanding their own gold and laying their tracks of prosperity.

Glow Up and Grow Out 

Most people start from humble beginnings. It is within those roots that you form your relationships that become your community. As growth happens learn how to section out your gold as a reflection and inflation of what was given to you. Allow yourself to be guided to a purpose from which your influence will grow outward and plant seeds into those within your community and beyond. Do not harbor your gold, but give it with the intention to grow your respective communities into a better environment that will cultivate new ideas, ventures, and knowledge.




Burn The Boat

In ancient times of war commanders would order their soldiers to burn their boats on the enemy’s shores as a signal to incoming sailors that the soldiers were going to win the war or die trying with no chance of retreat. Check out this video about Hernando Cortez who decided to take a chance; burn the boats.

In our lives we like to create options or a ‘plan B’ just in case something goes awry. While this is the intelligent decision, consequently it creates room for error that never allows you or a team to reach full potential. The reason we cling to these ‘safety boats’ is due a fear based on experience and the personification of it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Again this is the intelligent thing to do, especially as a business owner. However we have to create environments where every once in a while you must throw caution to the wind and go for it.  I’ve spoken about how a good indicator of proper leadership is knowing that your team will follow you over a cliff. Burning ‘your boat’ is similar, except this time everyone’s livelihoods, passions, and personal intentions are at stake; essentially the plan must work or you’ll die trying.

Burn the ego 

The most frightening thing for a CEO or independent business is to not have a project live up to their vision. Just because you plan and visualize for something, does not mean that is how it will turn out; get over it. It is infuriating when things do not fit into the ‘vision boat’ because the vision is perfect in your mind and anything less or different is unacceptable. When you take on a project it is important to put everything into your ‘vision boat’ then burn it. Let me say it again, put everything in your vision boat and burn it; because the result of lowering the expectation of perfection will create room for creativity, a lesson, and ultimately lower your anxiety about anything being perfect. Stop feeding your ego with the “We are the best” mentality because that is toxic enough to sink any boat.  Move forward with “We can deliver” to burn your ego and create something withstanding.

Die trying

As mentioned it is always good to have a back up plan. However consider this: If your business has not grown, because you have not taken a chance you are failing. This is called the Complacency Boat.  Businesses should always grow whether that is in tactics, offerings, staff specialties, and upward movement for all employees. When Cortez decided to storm the beach and get the treasure he essentially said we are going to do this or die trying. In a business sense, this does not mean you actually die, it means you are putting everything on the line because you are expecting it to be successful. Thus burning the Complacency Boat. But what if the Die Trying boat goes up in flames and you are stuck on the island of What Now? A true leader will pick up the pieces that are left from the boat and build a house on the island that would be named New Ideas. Not many people will remain after the Die Trying boat goes up in flames. That is alright. As the house of new ideas is being built continue to build more Vision Boats that will travel to a safe complacency island, pillage the island for more new ideas and strategies, burn the vision boat, and be prepared to reemerge as a force that will succeed or die trying; then rise again.




Peace Be With the Fallen Hero

Not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur, most definitely stay out of that lane if you are not built for it. However everyone is capable to command their own lives. Sometimes it means breaking and bending rules, but you are your own first priority. Former first lady Michelle Obama recently spoke at The Essence Festival about how women must put themselves on their own priority list, because we have a bad habit of putting everyone else first. As a woman I can agree with this, but to an extent. Only because this is not just a woman issue, it is a super-hero syndrome issue. At times we feel that we must conquer all of our issues and others too, because we’re ‘capable’ of doing so. Eventually your emotions, mental state, and body will run aground and who wants to deal with a broken hero? It is important not to allow everyone’s need of you to replace the appreciation and love for yourself. Essentially, we must learn to say NO.


Working on a team or having a group of ‘complicated’ friends and relatives can be easily compared to the worst group project of the century. There are people 5 types of people in a group project: The Face; they show up and speak with conviction on matters they know nothing about, The Whiner; they whine about everything including the smallest of tasks, The Grinder; they take care of everything to keep everyone on track with little to no help, The Charlie-Come-Lately; they show up in spurts and are amazing when they are there, and The Pumpkin Head; full of hallow ideas, boisterous, and have no follow through.  Whether in the professional realm or personal life there will be one of these people always coming to The Grinder for advice, to save them in their crisis, or to criticize you for not doing either. The Face will act as if they have it all together, but in truth they don’t and The Grinder will have to pay for it. The Whiner will never be satisfied by any word of advice or direct action because they are lazy and entitled. The Charlie-Come-Lately can be a good ally at times, however they are as unreliable as everyone else, when The Grinder needs help themselves. And finally the The Pumpkin Head will always talk about making major moves, helping out the Grinder, or others and then disappear when they are needed most.

Being a Grinder has one major flaw, they gain fulfillment by being the the ‘go-to’ person even if it leaves them mentally destitute. Being able to handle everyone’s problems is not a gift. It is a charge that no one should take on fully. Separate yourself from people who will ultimately bring you to an emotional demise because they themselves are mentally and emotionally destitute.


In the military, Radio Silence is used to stop possible  communication interference or interception by an enemy. It is also used by sea captains to make sure they can hear faint distress signals. Both are needed in your life if you are going to take command of your peace. I have a colleague and friend who seems like she has 8 arms to manage everything within her business and personal life, will call her Serena. Serena would seemingly have it all together and for the most part she does. However there are times when anxiety takes over and her body shuts down ; distress signal. Unfortunately there have been moments where she’s had to power through ‘the distress signal’ and people will either pick up on it and see it as a weakness or it would interfere with her communication to others. Serena’s circumstance is not uncommon, however the solution is…go silent. When you are managing a lot in your life, even if it is beneficial, it does not negate the fact that you need to take a break for your mental space.  Have the courage to say no, turn off the phone, get off social media, don’t respond to the email and be with yourself. In this space you can recognize what is and what is not working to your benefit or you can just be silent. In this silence no one can penetrate your emotions or mind with their issues or emergencies. This is for work and your personal life, because sometimes the careers we have and people we love can wear us out as well.


There will be a lot of people in your life that will guilt you into doing things for them, but they won’t shed a tear when you’re gone. When you are dead, in the proverbial or literal sense, the same people who have demanded your time, attention, and energy without reciprocation will not cry at your demise. There are three types of people at a funeral : The Wailers; they are slightly upset but are there to be seen in a dramatic fashion, The Vase; these people send flowers with a generic card and not their presence, and The Crier; the people who know and care for you and silently plead for your reemergence even though it’s unlikely.

Let’s say you are proverbially dead (career tanked, desperate situations, health crises etc) and you are crying out for help. A Wailer will announce publicly how terrible they feel for you, pry to get more gossip,  and do nothing to assist your reemergence. A Vase may contact you to critique your “funeral”, offer generic advice or words of comfort and disappear until you are useful to them again. These are the people that use up most of your energy and resources like the Face, Whiner, and Pumpkin Head. However the Crier will always speak life over your situation because they genuinely care, are Grinders themselves, and want to win as a team.

Do yourself a favor and take off your cape. Make peace with the fact that you said no to being everyone’s hero. Ultimately the person you need to save first and always is yourself.